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New Ushers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at SPAC. We welcome new faces and new energy. Ushers work hard and are expected to sign up for at least 10 events during the season, many do more. You will be standing, walking and greeting patrons for up to 4 hours an evening/matinee so wear comfortable shoes. There is much more information to share with you and Nash Pagano, House Manager will be calling you in May to invite you to a New Usher Orientation and House Tour. Our SPAC Ushers are a fabulous group and contribute over 12,000 volunteer hours every season. We couldn't function without you – and although volunteering is a reward in itself, you will be able to see most of the performances you are assigned. Sometimes you will be working through a piece you really like – that's the job. To be considered as an usher you must fill out and submit the Volunteer Application which is on this site. You will select events at a later date.

For Experienced Volunteers

We are going to do the classical, Little Theater and Live Nation events on 3 separate sheets this season. This is mainly to help me get more schedules completed before I arrive in Saratoga in mid May and to allow the Live Nation schedule to be as complete as possible.

1.) All ushers must attend one of the orientation sessions. If you are unable to attend on the given dates (to be posted in May), Nash Pagano will meet with you before your first assignment - no exceptions.

2.) There will be no gate ushers needed this summer. 

3.) Please send all communications to me at Do not use my personal email to send a duplicate copy of your schedule. You may use my personal email if you need to cancel during the season and it is last minute.

Joan Sussman

Volunteer Coordinator

Want to join the team?

Every season SPAC relies on our incredible staff of hard working volunteers to help our patrons have the best experience possible at SPAC. Want to help? Use the links below to learn more and apply!

Volunteer Application

Click to download the Volunteer Application (PDF)

Basic Usher Information

SPAC has a dedicated and enthusiastic group of volunteer ushers who work throughout the summer season from the end of May to mid September. Here is what is required:

  • All ushers work at least 10 events in the Amphitheatre per season. 
  • Ushers are required to attend an orientation session held pre-season. There are usually 2 or 3 so choices in order to accommodate most schedules.
  • Ushers park in the Rt 50 parking lot for all Live Nation events.
  • Parking for Ballet, Orchestra and single events may be either in the Rt 50 lot or the Roosevelt Baths lot.
  • Sign in sheets are ALWAYS at the gates. We ask that you check your name off as you report for work each time.
  • The Little Theatre and the Amphitheatre are handled out of the Volunteer office.
  • Amphitheatre events are Ballet, Orchestra, Live Nation and Specials.
  • Little Theatre events are Opera Saratoga and Chamber Music Festival.
  • Dress for Orchestra and Ballet is black pants, capris or skirts and white tops. No t-shirts, please.
  • Dress for Jazz Festival is khaki shorts, capris, pants, skirts and a white top. Again, no t-shirts.
  • Dress for Live Nation events is khaki pants, capris, skirts and a white top. No t-shirts.
  • The Spa Little Theatre dress is black and white, same as the classical events.
  • All events are open to returning volunteers first. New volunteers fill in and there are plenty of events to fill in.
  • We keep a Waiting List for all events and always have cancellations.
  • Ushers receive a written schedule at the beginning of the season.
  • If you need to cancel an event, email at least a day in advance, if possible.
  • Ushers work in one of three sections: Balcony, Orchestra Left or Orchestra Right. Additionally, for the classical events, we need 3 people for the lawn. For Live Nation events, ushers work the Pit.
  • If you check the SPAC website under seating, you can view the seating charts.
  • At the end of the season, all working ushers are invited to an Usher Picnic provided by SPAC.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer at SPAC, please leave a message for our Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Sussman at 584-9330 ext.106, e-mail

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