Sep 7, 2013

Connoisseur Tent

Sep 7, 201312:00PM

The Connoisseur Tent is a one-of-a-kind culinary and private wine aficionado's adventure. This separate tasting experience offers festival-goers access to a luxurious, comfortable and intimate space that will feature exclusive tastings of one-of-a-kind and top tier food, wine and spirits, including tastings from Master Wine Connoisseur, Kevin Zraly's private wine cellar.

Interactive tastings will include a selection of library wines or collector wines along with special reserve spirits (i.e. single malt scotch, etc.). The Connoisseur Tent is a gracious gastronomic experience with personal interactions with product experts.

Enjoy live music, relaxing living room style seating and tastings. Additional ticket ($60) required with Grand Tasting Ticket.

Wines of the Connoisseur Tent


1. Grgich Hills – Michael Grgich's 90th birthday
2. Joseph Phelps – 40th anniversary
3. Scala Dei – 850th anniversary
4. Marqués di Riscal – 155th anniversary
5. Trapiche – 130th anniversary
6. Kanonkop – 40th anniversary
7. Bertani – 150th anniversary
8. Rocca della Macie – 40th anniversary


11. Marchesi di Barolo – 1806
12. Col d'Orcia – 1890
13. Antinori – 1385
14. Château La Nerthe – 12th century
15. Santa Rita – 1880
16. Santa Carolina – 1875
17. Bouchard – 1731

Tickets are limited to the first 200 ticket buyers. Additional Ticket Price of just $60 in addition to your Grand Tasting ticket

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